Blue Society photos contest – The winners are…

The World Ocean Network is pleased to announce the winners of our Blue Society Photo Contest

This contest aimed to use photography to highlight the services and resources provided by the Ocean, as well as the opportunities it offers, and to foster commitment towards a Blue Society.
Thank you all for the beautiful and inspiring photographs you send us. We have received more of 900 photos from across the entire world, and it was not an easy decision to pick the winners.

Winners were selected by 5 partners working on the Sea for Society project:

  • HIGGINS Ruth from EurOcean (Portugal)
  • KLIMMEK Helen from IUCN (Belgium)
  • SANDERS Robert from EBN (Belgium)
  • PICQUART Ingrid from Nausicaá (France)
  • And CHAUNAC Karine from Oxipido (France)

The World Ocean Network extends its thanks to these judges for their time and participation to our Blue Society Photo Contest.

The 6 winners of the Blue Society Photo Contest are:

Nimai Chandra Ghosh for the photography Fishing are going on for Food in the ‘Food’ category
© Nimai Chandra Ghosh - winner of Food category

Rafael Jimenez Gonzale for the photography We are tiny compared with ocean in the ‘Energy’ category
© Refael Jimenez Gonzales - Winner of Energy category

Antoine Dain for the Photography The blue bridge in the ‘Transport’ category
© Antoine Dain - winner of Transport category

Javier Yago Díaz for the photography Distance and oceans in the ‘Place to live’ category© Javier Yago Díaz -  winner of Place to live category

Stéphanie Benjamin for the photography Saint-Malo in the ‘Tourism and Leisure’ category© Stéphanie Benjamin - Winner Tourism & leisure category

Mark Davey for the photography Free by the sea in the ‘health’ category
© Mark Davey - winner of Health category

The top 1 for each category have won:

  • A drone Blade 200QX.
  • His photography printed on roll-up and exhibited at the European Parliament during the ‘Blue Society Launch Event’ with the members of the Intergroup on climate Change, Biodiversity and sustainable development. Winning images have also been printed on postal card and distributed to all participants.

The top 3 photographs for each category have also been displayed on a screen at the European Parliament during this special event.
More of 150 people attended this meeting and had an opportunity to see these photos.

Category 1: Tourism and Leisure

Second place: Margot Courtillat, France. Les touristes… Tout petits #BlueSociety
2 - Tourism & Leisure © Margot Courtillat
3rd place: Hugh Stuart, Usa – Overwhelming crowds of tourists visit Bondi Beach on a good weather day #BlueSociety
3 - Tourism & Leisure category © Hugh Stuart, USA

Category 2: Transport

2nd place:Hugh Stuart, USA – Boats zoom around the busy Sydney Harbor #BlueSociety
2 - Transport © Hugh Stuart

3rd placeStéphanie Benjamin, France – “One bridge between two country “the Orseund bridge betwenn Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden) at the blue hour # BlueSociety
3 - Transport © Stéphanie Benjamin

Category 3: Place to live

2nd place: Stéphanie Benjamin, France – I know that this photo will make controversy because I took the Faroe Islands. I wanted to show that despite the unacceptable killing of pilot whales, their dependence on the Atlantic ocean was total. “The veins of the fjord” #BlueSociety
2 - Place to live © Stéphanie Benjamin

3rd placeRui Manuel Pinheiro Martins Serrão, Portugal – My Little Island, “Sea” The Future of Mankind #Blue Society

3 - Place to live © Rui Manuel Pinheiro Martins Serrao


Category 4: Health

2nd place: Luca Milani, Italy – The origin of the sea #BlueSociety
2 - Health © Luca Milani


3rd placeVitória Burgos, Portugal – Seniors gym
3 - Health © Vitoria Burgos


Category 5: Food

2nd place: Thouvebot Philippe, France – Récolte des Algues (Jambiani, Zanzibar) #BlueSociety
2 - Food © Thouvebot Philippe


3rd place: Guichard, Greece – Miam Miam #BlueSociety
3 - Food © Guichard


Category 6: Energy

2nd place: Carine Bayeux, France – Energic girl in ocean #BlueSociety
2 - Energy © Carine Bayeux

3rd placeBlond Antoine, France – Work around a Gas Platform in the Philippines #BlueSociety
3 - Energy © Antoine Blond

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