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Our members

The World Ocean Network brings together a range of public-facing organisations striving to promote sustainable development in relation to the sea. These include aquaria, museums, science centres, educational organisations, and NGOs.

All our members operate at the local level and their campaigns enjoy a worldwide resonance through the World Ocean Network. In return, members offer the network an outreach capability and the opportunity to run scientific communication campaigns, educating millions of people and promoting awareness about the importance of preserving the Ocean.

Our founding members :

  • Honorary President: Jean-Michel Cousteau, President of Ocean Futures, USA
  • Francisco Franco Del Amo, Technical Manager, Aquarium Finisterrae, Casa Ciencias, Spain.
  • Philippe Vallette, Director General of Nausicaá, National Sea Centre, France
  • Ernesto Godelman, CeDePesca, Argentina
  • Ram Boojh, Ecological and Earth Sciences, UNESCO, India
  • Paul Boyle, Association of Zoos and Aquariums, USA
  • Mike Causer, OCEAN Edutainment Projects, Great Britain
  • Pierre Demol, Brussels Public Aquarium, Belgium
  • Antonio Di Natale, Genoa Aquarium, Italy
  • Joao Falcato, Lisbon Oceanarium, Portugal
  • Lex Fearnhead, Two Oceans Aquarium, South Africa
  • Cécile Gaspar, Te mana o te Moana”, French Polynesia
  • Martin Jones, Reef HQ, Australia
  • Daniel Mercier, International Festival of Underwater Photography, France
  • William Mott, The Ocean Project, USA
  • John Nightingale, Vancouver Aquarium, Canada
  • Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Dahi, NGO Clean Beach, Mauritania
  • Nadia Ounais, European Union of Aquarium Curators
  • Leonard Sonnenschein, World Aquarium @ City Museum, USA
  • Walter Staveloz, ASTC, USA