World Ocean Network workshop on high seas governance

In the context of the new United Nations negotiations on the high seas, and as part of the MARINA project, the World Ocean Network organised a workshop on high seas governance. Fourteen representatives of all sectors gathered and shared their ideas for a more inclusive governance of the areas beyond national jurisdictions. From these ideas, they co-constructed an action plan.

Participants agreed on the two most urgent actions: research, to gather data, share knowledge and understand better the impacts of human activity on the high seas; and to raise awareness on the research. Then two lines of action were discussed: to support the United Nations negotiations for a new legally binding instrument, and to strengthen the effectiveness of already existing bodies.

For more detailed results, visit the dedicated space on the MARINA WKSP or contact us directly.

The outcomes of this workshop were presented in Nausicaa, France on the occasion of its first High Seas conference held in June 2018.
From this conference, a film was produced by Nausicaa to explain the high seas.

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