The project MARINA

Running from 2016 to 2019

Coordinator : CNR (Italy)

Consortium : 14 Partners

Geographic Zone : 11 Countries

MARINA’s principal objective is to promote a holistic vision of innovation and the way we exploit marine resources by promoting the idea of responsible research and innovation in a range of marine topics: marine biotechnologies, maritime transport, renewable energies, tourism and the coast, deep-sea mining, the ocean and climate change, fisheries and aquaculture, and pollution from human activities.

The project involved the creation of a digital portal – a platform enabling dialogue and sharing between marine and maritime stakeholders. It also ran 45 workshops on the theme of how responsible research and innovation can help address Europe’s marine-related and societal challenges.

As part of this project, the Network organised three workshops to mobilise stakeholders and foster mutual learning. The first two, organised at the local level, addressed marine plastic pollution and marine biotechnologies. The third, addressed the topic of the High Seas and brought together European stakeholders. The Network also organised a round table on identifying lessons learned from previous European projects.

In the MARINA project we created an interactive exhibition ‘Let’s Talk About the Ocean’, a tool to find out how your public perceives their relationship with the Ocean.