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In these times of climatic and environmental emergency, the World Ocean Network’s raison d’êtreis to inspire a change of behaviour on the part of individuals and of society as a whole, in order to live in harmony with the Ocean and preserve its environment and resources for future generations.

Our members work at the crossroads of different worlds ‒ politics, science, public institutions, and the media ‒ and are in an ideal position to raise awareness, inform, and mobilise citizens to help preserve the Ocean, all in a positive and inclusive spirit.


  • Helping everyone to understand the environmental challenges, the crucial, incalculable role of the Ocean in preserving environmental balances, and the impacts of human activities on the Ocean.
  • Facilitating access for all to accurate and useful information on the management and sustainable use of the Ocean’s resources.

MOTIVATING people to take action

  • Encouraging everyone to act, both individually and collectively, for the well-being of humanity and in harmony with the Blue Planet
  • Providing practical ideas to promote an ocean conservation ethic for the benefit of present and future generations
  • Sharing inspiring ideas and initiatives

FOSTERING the Blue Society

  • Affirming humanity’s capacity to progress towards an intelligent and sustainable exploitation of the Ocean, based on effective governance with the participation of all stakeholders.