Ocean & Climate 2015 platform

The platfom is an alliance between all stakeholders of civil society and the research community to include the Ocean in solutions relating to climate change.

The decisions made during the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change must take into consideration the ocean’s central role in climate processes, as well as its capacity to provide solutions to the climate-related challenges facing our planet today.


  • Mobilising and gathering before the conference the different actors who work on “Ocean and Climate” stakes, in order to value civil society’s contributions to COP21 in Paris and to put as much clarity as possible on Ocean’s issues.
  • Linking with the UNFCCC negotiations on Ocean related issues in order to feed organisations’ plea but also to make “Ocean” aspects more understandable for the general public.
  • Sharing networks, spaces and tools to better communicate with every publics on the importance of the Ocean for the global climate machine.
  • Creating structured reception areas in Paris before and during COP21 for civil society organisations (NGOs, companies, etc.) and researchers working on “Ocean”‘s related issues.

Our work areas

  • Ocean’s key role in the climate system;
  • Climate change’s impact on the Ocean, its inhabitants and coastal areas;
  • Ocean originated solutions for adaptation and abatement.