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Targeted Audience

  • Chinese Public
  • People who visit Beijing Aquarium

Tools and equipment needed

1. The domestication tank: The size of domestication tank is 29m (L)×11m(W)×4.4m(H), and the total volume is 1400t; with a exhibition window 20.0m (L)×3.0m(H). The rock landscaping in the tank is renovated, the surface of which is coated with soft cover made of non-poisonous colophony composite
material, avoiding fish dash or rubbing which will injure the fish body.
2. The Life support system: The domestication pond is equipped with world advanced Life Support System, which can implement artificial monitoring and regulation towards the water temperature and water quality; moreover, it also has the capability to switch between fresh water and sea water.

Resources and means to engage

  • The scientific study in the Beijing aquarium by the professional staff: about 20 persons.
  • The cooperation between the Beijing aquarium and the Yangtze River Fisheries.

Partners to involve

  • Beijing aquarium
  • Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute

Step-by-step implementation


1. Transform the former shark pool into the Chinese sturgeon museum.
2. Via the advanced Life support system, control the water quality.
3. After a long-distance intra-vital transportation, the 3 wild Chinese sturgeons and
26 artificially propagated sturgeons were transported to the Beijing aquarium,
from the Yangtze River Fishery Research Institute Chinese sturgeon Base, with a
100% survival rate.

Proceeding/Programme sequences:

1. The post-partum wild sturgeon realizes initiative food intake in the fully artificial
environment and the first filial generation sturgeons complete adjustment to the
sea water.
2. Post-partum recovery was reached in the fully artificial environment.
3. Gonad rematurity: Judging from the B-ultrasonic and eggs examination, the eggs
from one of the wild parent sturgeon have developed to the early IV phase.


1. Initiatively release the wild Chinese sturgeon back to the Yangtze River. On April 22th 2007, Beijing aquarium released 2 wild Chinese sturgeons, who recovered well in the Beijing aquarium, back to the Yangtze River, which offers more people opportunity to know the Chinese sturgeon, making the public aware of the importance to protect rare and precious wild animals. This action sets up foundation for the behavior study of the Chinese sturgeon, contributing a lot to the protection of the precious species.
2. Improve the enterprise efficiency and raise social influence of the Beijing aquarium. The introduction of the rare and precious animal to the Beijing
aquarium, attracts more tourists thronging for a visit. The action that the Beijing aquarium participates in the protection of the wild animals enhances the social influence of the Beijing aquarium as a tourism enterprise.

The most important thing is that the national treasure, the Chinese sturgeon, settling down in the Beijing aquarium, arouses the attention of the public to protect the Chinese sturgeon, and the precious and rare wild animals, making the protection of the Chinese sturgeon enter a new stage.



  • Protection for the Chinese sturgeon
  • Related scientific study


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