PRCM - Partenariat Régional pour la Conservation de la zone Côtière et Marine en Afrique de l'Ouest

World Oceans Day Programme 2016

Le PRCM organise un panel à l’occasion de la « Journée mondiale de l’océan », le 8 juin 2016.
Comme vous le savez, les changements climatiques, la pression immobilière et l’action de l’homme constituent une sérieuse menace pour le littoral sénégalais et ouest-africain notamment. Les conséquences économiques, sociales et environnementales sont réelles (érosion côtière, accaparement des terrains, surpêche…).

Le PRCM a ainsi invité le Réseau des Parlementaires pour l’Environnement au Sénégal (REPES) et l’ONG Green Sénégal à s’exprimer sur ces problématiques, notamment sur la loi littoral, la politique d’aménagement du littoral et l’érosion côtière.
Le panel sera composé de :
– Ahmed Senhoury, Directeur du PRCM.
– Cheikhou Oumar Sy, Député et Secrétaire du REPES.
– Woré Gana Seck, Directrice de l’ONG Green Sénégal.


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Spanning Cape Verde, the Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Senegal and Sierra Leone, the coastal and marine zone of PRCM is of strategic interest for many economic activities and nearly half of the 35 million people living in these countries. In these countries, the littoral is home to major urban centres and significant activities, such as fishing, tourism or hydrocarbon exploitation and mining. As a result, the littoral is under considerable pressure, with often conflicting and difficult to understand interests. To lessen this pressure and related threats, common actions must be taken at the global, regional, national and even local levels.It is in this context that stakeholders in the ecoregion, mindful of the need for a common approach to issues such as the conservation of the littoral and the sustainable management of its resources, hope to provide joint responses under the Regional Partnership for the Conservation of the Coastal and Marine Zone of West Africa.

PRCM is governed by an evolving membership Charter that sets the rules and criteria for becoming a member.

What do we do

PRCM’s operates through an extended and sustainable platform to achieve the following functions:

Leverage and build the capacities and skills of all stakeholders;
• Support, including through its network of Parliamentarians, the alignment
• Play a significant political advocacy role;
 Promote joint action and strengthened partnership between institutions;
• Support the alignment and harmonization of the various policies and
• Mobilize resources on a sustainable basis;
• Act as a mediator and facilitate capacity mobilization and dialogue
• Mobilize and capitalize on research outcome, local knowledge and  coordination of interventions at the regional, national and local level, agreements, the various stakeholders; experiences and the good practices demonstrated by member organizations, as well as lessons learnt from other organizations within and outside the region.

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