World Oceans Day Programme 2016

24-hour Meditation for Water, Whales and Dolphins – 12 June 2016 from 10.00 am to 2.00 am at Le Grand Rex, Paris and all around the world.

On Sunday 12 June, following the International Oceans Day, millions of people throughout the world will be coming together for 24 hours to meditate for water, whales and dolphins.

We will hear from celebrities, see and hear international musicians, dancers and soloists showcase their talents, marvel in children’s playfulness, view films that honour beauty, and allow spiritual leaders guide meditations to awaken our consciousness.


WE ARE OCEAN is a follow-up to the “24-hour Meditation for the Earth” held in Paris on 1 November 2015 prior to COP 21.

The immense success of that event has led us to this next stage and we invite you to join this unique 24-hour event to celebrate the beauty of our ocean planet and together to meditate on how to preserve it.

The event will also be taped directly and live-streamed for free throughout the world for 24 hours with simultaneous interpretation in French and English.


Let us unite all around the world to raise consciousness.

Today we know that drinking water, oceans and all water living beings are in great danger, such as the massacre of whales now down to a mere 10% of their initial population, yet so essential to the life of the oceans.

It will take full awareness to achieve this great transformation and change the infernal path that we have embarked upon.
It is up to all of us who know the power of thought, meditation and prayer to unite in order to create a field of consciousness needed for this metamorphosis.


We Are Ocean
1 chemin des Tuffes 25390 Val de Consolation, France





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