World Ocean Network’s Objectives

  • Inform the general public of the dangers facing the Ocean and about the impact human activities are having
  • Develop a world-wide citizen’s movement
  • Communicate to the general public about the crucial role the Ocean plays in our daily lives
  • Mobilise as many people as possible across the world
  • Encourage everyone to act for the preservation of the Ocean and its riches
  • Foster a more respectful behaviour towards the environment and so make progress towards and more intelligent and sustainable use of the Ocean.

To achieve these objectives the World Ocean Network works with public facing organisations such as aquariums, museums and science centres. Such organisations are able to reach a wide audience and also bring together the worlds of politics, science, public administration and the media. They are in a very good position to raise awareness, inform and mobilise citizens on the issue of Ocean preservation.

The Network also possesses policy instruments for uniting the public around the issue of sustainable Ocean stewardship. The concept of Ocean citizenship and the Ocean passport are designed to reinforce the sense of belonging to a community striving to preserve the Ocean and its resources.

The World Ocean Network organises and coordinates World Oceans Day, which provides an opportunity to unite the general public around the issue of sustainable Ocean stewardship and, by the same token, promote the concept of Ocean citizenship.

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