International Aquarium Congress 2016 – World Ocean Network’s presentations

As a participant of the 2016 International Aquarium Congress, World Ocean Network presents:

  • The expansion of the Mr.Goodfish program, a participatory process to promote sustainable seafood consumption and an example of Blue Society initiative, to more European countries and Latin America.
  • Blue Society initiatives and how aquariums and science centres are main actors towards the Blue Society.
  • A new approach to the Citizenship of the Ocean, or how increase the community of Citizens of the Ocean, ambassadors of the Blue Society.

Mr Goodfish programme

poster UK MrGClick to download
Mr Goodfish poster 

Poster Automne 2016

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2016 Autumn species poster

From the sea to my plate

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la mer à mon assiette” 

Kakemonos Mr G

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Brochure UK Mr G

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Mr Goodfish leaflet

Aquariums and science centres: main actors towards the Blue Society

Prezi Blue SocietyClick to watch
Prezi Blue Society Presentation 

Leaflet Blue Society

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Blue Society leaflet

 Citizen commitment button

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the Blue Society 

Stakeholders commitment button

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the Blue Society

Poster Energy

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Energy poster

poster Food

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Food poster

Poster Leisure

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Leisure poster

poster Trade

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trade poster

Poster Water

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Water poster

A new approach to the Citizenship of the Ocean

Poster Citoyenneté

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A new approach to Citizenship of the Ocean