To raise our voices for the future of the Blue Planet

Young people are the consumers, decision-makers and managers of tomorrow

They have a crucial role to play. It is therefore important to involve them now in the work being done for the future of the Ocean:  to protect endangered species, to reduce atmospheric pollution and to encourage responsible behaviour.
To move towards a sustainable stewardship of the Ocean, and a Blue Society, World Ocean Network has committed in:

  • Educating young people about Ocean issues
  • Involving them in discussions underway
  • helping them understand their own key role

Youth Parliaments history

In 2007, the European Commission held consultations on a Green Paper for a Future Maritime Policy.

The World Ocean Network and its partners therefore organised the first Youth Parliament meetings in Europe.
The aim was to involve young people in ocean management issues and to help them formulate recommendations for the Commission’s Green Paper on the future of maritime policy.
Young people all contributed to this consultation exercise and made their recommendations.
They were coming from:

Since then, World Ocean Network has been seeking both to make Youth Parliaments an annual event and to organise consultation exercises for young people.