The Mr.Goodfish programme initiated by the World Ocean Network

Who is Mr.Goodfish ?

Mr.Goodfish is a programme on the sustainable consumption of seafood products, launched under the umbrella of the World Ocean Network, by three aquariums: Nausicaa – Centre de la Mer, in France, the Acquario di Genoa in Italy and the Aquarium Finistaerre in Spain.
Together, they attract more than two and a half million visitors every year.
Aside from the programme’s general sponsors (Planete Mer and IUCN), several of these institutions’ respective regional and national partners have joined the Mr.Goodfish programme such as Lonja de A Coruña and Pescaldia (fishmongers companies) in Spain, fishmongers and retail chain stores, and of course restaurants with Michelin star chefs…. all participating to cover the entire full of chain of custody from the sea (or the farm) to the plate.

Why is Mr.Goodfish important?

The stocks of fish and other sea animals used in seafood are not unlimited. Many are overfished.
By following Mr.Goodfish’s advice, you will not only be discovering new and delicious seafood, including fish, shellfish and crustaceans, you will also be discovering original ways to vary your meals and enjoy seasonal fish.
Mr.Goodfish‘s advice will also enable you to purchase fish and at the same time preserve the resources of the sea. With Mr.Goodfish, it is possible to be a responsible consumer and help support sustainable consumption too.
And last but not least, Mr.Goodfish offers simple and original seafood recipes from Gourmet and Michelin starred restaurants; sitting down to a seafood meal will never be the same again!

Who is Mr.Goodfish aimed at?

  •  For anyone who enjoys eating fish, at home or at the restaurant.
  •  For fishmongers and restaurateurs who buy and sell fish

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From the sea to my plate

From the sea to my plate

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