Celebrate a “Healthy Ocean, a Healthy Planet” on World Ocean Day,
preventing pollution from plastics and microplastics, understanding Ocean and Climate, and exploring the Blue Society… 

With SeaChange,  Marlisco project (Marine Litter in European Seas – Social Awareness and Co-Responsibility), Ocean and Climate Platform .

In fifty years, plastic has taken such an important place in our daily life that lives without it seems hardly possible.
However, the impact of plastic in the ocean and its degradation into microplastics is raising significant concerns.

This is why the World Ocean Network wishes to highlight a tool kit guide preventing pollution from plastics and microplastics: 

Increasing Ocean LitterAcy 

In this guide, are gathered different types of documents that can feed into an activity related to marine litter and plastic pollution.
All contents have been selected in the idea of organising an event on marine litter and plastic pollution during World Oceans Day.


World Ocean Day logo
Game: All connected to the World Ocean
Poster for World Ocean Day

General videos

Global Partnership for Oceans
U.S. International Information Programs

Sea Change project tools

The Ocean is Planet Earth’s Life Support System

Seafood and Human Health

Marine Pollution and Human Health

A Treasure Trove for Human Medicine

The Sea and our Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Plastics in the Marine Environment

Understanding Our Ocean

Sea Change project videos

Sea Change: Increasing Ocean Literacy
Our Ocean, Our Oxygen
Human Health and the Ocean

Waste and microplastics

Stopping marine litter together
Marlisco guide for reducing marine litter
GAME: Marlisco Sea Dream team

Waste and microplastics videos

Ocean Confetti! - Minute Earth
Microplastic Oceans - Behind the News
National Geographic

Are Microplastics in Our Water Becoming a Macroproblem?

Blue Society

Blue Society tools

Blue Society videos

Water resources
Manufactured products
One World
Towards the Blue Society

Ocean and Climate

Ocean and Climate tools

Interaction between Ocean and climate - 6 fact sheets
Ocean and Climate scientific items

Ocean and Climate videos

Ocean and Climate Platform recommendations
Francoise Gail et Jean Jouzel
Climate Change in Bangladesh