Targeted Audience

  • Local populations, through report on this action on TV, radio, press….
  • School pupils, through showing the film of the clean-up to all pupils visiting the sea turtles’ clinic and taking part in educative programmes.

Tools and equipment needed

  • Powerpoint presentation, DVD and films.
  • Articles in newspapers, TV, radio…
  • Beach clean-up equipment: gloves, bags, spades…
  • Boats to reach the island and evacuate the garbage: thanks to our partners.

Means to engage

  • Company to duplicate the DVD
  • Contact schools for dissemination with agreement from the elementary education services.

Partners to involve

  • Business and private sector : Local tourism services such as Intercontinental Resort and Spa
  • Interpretation centres and museums: Moorea Dolphin Center
  • Local authorities: Ville d’Arue
  • National agencies and institutions: SEP (Polynesian Environment Society), Ministère de

Step-by-step implementation

1. Organisation of the clean-up mission.
2. Workshop activity scenario and presentation of images on the clean-up operation.
3. Study beforehand of the topic of waste and pollution in the classroom with the teacher :
importance of recycling and respect of nature.

1. Explanation to pupils of the need to protect our environment, reduce waste, respect
2. Dissemination of the video as a tool for discussion and debate, helping to understand why
it is important to protect nature.
3. Data and information on the time needed for decomposition of waste.


« We did not think that on such an island with no inhabitant there would be so much waste !” classroom of 9-years-old pupils (CE 2) Haapiti. Moorea.
« People are so dirty ! » an 11-years-old pupil of CM2 Papétoai. Moorea
« 840kg of collected garbage, this is enormous and incredible» local radio speaker.
« What you have done is remarkable and should serve as example» visitor of the centre.



  • Clean the non-inhabited island of Tetiaroa from all waste and rubbish from entropic sources.
  • Raise awareness of local populations and school pupils on the importance to respect our Ocean.


Marine and coastal habitat / Education

Contributor’s information

Te Mana O Te Moana


Intercontinental Resort & Spa / Moorea dolphin center /
Ville d’Arue / SEP (Polynesion Environment Society)/
Ministère del’environnement



Project’s title

Garbage collecting on the TETIAROA island


French Polynesia / Asia Pacific


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